Rebel Wings

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The year is 2326, and Earth has been overrun by an alien race known as the Zarkons. The Zarkons have used advanced technology to subjugate humanity, and any attempt at resistance has been brutally crushed. However, in the midst of this chaos, a group of pirates known as the Blackbeards has risen to power. The Blackbeards have no loyalty to anyone but themselves, and they have been raiding both human and Zarkon settlements alike.
To make matters worse, Zarkons have appointed the official human governments which work alongside with the aliens and oppress the humanity altogether.

Several years have passed when a team of rebels approaches you to ask you to join their forces. However, Zarkons have seized all ships and the flights of non authorized ships are forbidden. The rebels have only an old ship that was not designed for battle. The ship was built to collect garbage and scrap metal in space. It is equipped with a tractor beam that is used to pull and collect the items. The rebel's mechanic managed to mount a laser blaster in order to make it ready for battle.

You agree to join the rebels and fly the ship in a mission to re-take back Earth and drive away all Zarkons, the Blackbeads pirates and the submissive human governments.

SPACE SHOOTER ACTION: You control your ship, shooting down your enemies, launching homing missiles and fighting bosses. Try to not get hit by enemy bullets or enemy ships. In each level the enemies differ, enemies you saw in previous levels are harder to defeat and new enemy ships appear.

ARCADE SIDE SCROLLER: Bring back sweet memories of old school arcade games with this classic game play side scroller space shooter. The game is played from a side view where you move freely across the screen while the background is moving continuously backwards giving the impression to the player that the ship moves forth. Enjoy the parallax backgrounds that are unique for each level and provide a sense of depth in the game.

FIGHT POWERFUL BOSSES: Each level has a boss that moves in a unique movement pattern. Bosses get harder and harder in each level. Try to take down the boss in order to complete your mission. Try to hit the boss while dodging boss' and enemy ships bullets alike.

UPGRADE YOUR SHIP: gather the scrap metal from your destroyed enemies and use it in the rebel base's hangar to upgrade your ship from a basic vessel to a powerful ship that fires multiple laser bullets, have larger missile capacity and a stronger hull that can take more damage.
Upgrades can be done 4 basic areas:
1. The Laser: rate of fire, damage and multiple shots
2. The missile: damage, accuracy and how many missiles your ship can carry
3. Engines: how fast can you move
4. Ship: how many hit points the ship has

COLLECT POWER UPS: There are some power ups that you can collect to aid you to complete your mission. Power ups spawn in random and can be health, missiles, and bomb that kills every visible enemy to clear the stage.

USER PREFERRED CONTROLS: You can choose to control your ship either using classic virtual joystick or using your thumb directly.